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About PNG

PNG, Pacific Northwest Growers, is an Eastern Washington Cannabis Farm located in Spokane County. A true craft, artisinal cannabis producer and processor, licensed in the state of Washington. Our cannabis is grown indoors, in soil, hand watered and always hand trimmed.

We grow small batches of our own phenotypes that yield excellent results.

PNG was one of the first legal i502 licensed producer processors in the state.

Fresh Cannabis, farm to table. After the harvesting, hang drying, and curing, our cannabis is quickly hand trimmed, packaged and delivered to our i502 recreational retailers.

We take pride in providing exceptional products.

The Excitement is Growing!™




(formerly known as gorilla glue)

Indica Dominant Hybrid 60/40

Flavors: Pine, Citrus, Fresh
Effects: Relaxed, Super-Chill, Uplifted

Sticky, flavorful and tricomb rich, with a strong high that is relaxing coupled with an ape level buzz.

We’ve been told that our GG#4 is different than other brands people have tried, it's better. It will get you UP and DOING but allows you to chill as well. Terrific for hot tub star gazing.

Straw Nana

(aka Strawberry Banana)

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70/30

Flavors: Fruity, Earthy, Pine
Effects: Euphoric, Strong, Calming

Tricomb rich, flavorful with a balanced head and body high. You can FOCUS with the cerebral mind high and RELAX with the warm body buzz. You might find yourself a little hungry and get caught pondering the universe. We have enjoyed our Strawberry Banana for years as an instant ache and pain killer after working hard on the farm.

MK Ultra

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70/30

Flavors: Mint, Lemon, Earthy
Effects: Euphoric, Strong, Cerebral

Fast acting super buzz cannabis, tricomb heavy, sticky and flavorful (OK, that’s all of PNG’s weed). PNG’s MK Ultra is a wham-bam on stress, anxiety and strained nerves. Whether you’re a combat veteran, cubical corporate warrior or just doing the work that makes the world go round; you’re gonna love this high.

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